[NEWS] 131009 Kim Jaejoong first teaser for new album revealed, “Sexy Rock Star”



 photo JJTeaserAlbum.jpg

Kim Jaejoong revealed a teaser image before the release of his 1st full-length studio album this October.

On the 9th, C-JeS Entertainment released the first teaser image via JYJ’s official Facebook page (www.facebook.com/CJESJYJ).

C-JeS official said, “Kim Jaejoong has unveiled the first image teaser for his regular album. It shows a photo of sexy rock star Kim Jaejoong with a dreamy look.”

Kim Jaejoong, seen wearing a white jacket with an edgy style, has sparked hot reactions and fatal attraction.

As soon as the news of Kim Jaejoong’s comeback reached Japan, he immediately got 6 gold medals (meaning no. 1) in various Rakuten chart categories. On the other hand, his concert on Nov 2-3 is also sold out after 15 minutes upon opening of ticket selling. This causes high expectations for the album.

Meanwhile, Kim Jaejoong will release 1 song from his full-lenth album on the 15th.


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